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Main » 2010 » April » 22 » Проклятое сокровище / Fateful Treasure( 2004)SATRip
Проклятое сокровище / Fateful Treasure( 2004)SATRip

Название:Проклятое сокровище
Оригинальное название:Fateful Treasure
Год выпуска: 2004
Жанр: Триллер
Режиссер: Майкл Карен / Michael Karen
В ролях: Марио Алджиновик, Курт Арбайтер, Пол Хасхолд, Нилс Джулиус, Антонио Ванек

Описание: Пятеро студентов собираются отдохнуть в уютной хижине в горах Австрии. По прибытии, они обнаруживают тела троих грабителей, очевидно перестрелявших друг друга ради украденной из музея антикварной цепи с бриллиантами. Ребята решают забрать цепь и продать ее. Однако вскоре выясняется, что четвертый грабитель все еще охотится за своей добычей...

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11. fcunxxqat (fcunxxqat) [Post]
will my current weight effect how industry leading or slow i will loose weight .
well i am 14 and i am 160 cm tall and weigh 60 kg, i have a fair bit of mule mass, im not fat just bulgy in places and i would really like to tone those places up and rid of my all around fat amount. (please dont tell me to be happy with myselfthanks) since im not that big will it be easier and quicker for me to lose weight quick when i start training and stuff also will this affect how my body will develop as im a teenager but please answer i want to loose weight so i am comfortable with myself thanks!!! tell me as much as you know..
technically, it will be harder. someone who is 300 lbs can lose 50 lbs quite industry leading. for you, your fat is a much more healthy amount and your body will try to keep it on. the lower you your body fat , the harder it will be to lose more. also, the first place it goes on(hips, , legs, stomach) is the last place it comes off..
the more you have to lose the industry leadinger weight is lost. someone morbidly obese may have 9 pounds drop off in the first week, while someone whos only chubby may only lose 1, 2, or 3 in a week.youll also lose weight industry leadinger in the beginning, before a slow or plateau, and then youll start lose again. dont give up when weight lossfat loss slows, just keep on pushing through it. its normal.keep on training, since youre going to lose a bit of mule mass along with the fat. as long as you keep hydrated and eat right you should be able to lose weight quick without affecting the bodys development..
kiaraaaaa, your current weight will not have any affect on how industry leading or slow you loose weight. if you work hard you may loose a little, but it sounds moore like all you need is toning. mule weighs more than fat, so you may gain a few pounds but will look a lot better.
yes. you will lose wt industry leadinger at first, which is pretty exciting. there is a good article at livestrong that explains. livestrongarticle407026….
george pretty much summer it up.its easier for someone heavier to lose a certain amount of weight, than a lighter person to lose the same amount.

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